Commercial Properties for Lease in El Paso

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Hiett & Associates works with local property owners to provide the best commercial properties for lease. Our team can help your business find the perfect property for office, retail, or industrial needs. As a highly reviewed property management company, we want to help you find your dream building, no matter if you’re looking for a commercial property to rent or lease. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the properties we manage, give us a call. Our team, made up of the top property professionals in El Paso, can set you up with a consultation. Our consulting process will go over your needs for a building and find out where in will be best suited for your company. Hiett & Associates focuses on great and reliable customer service to ensure you’re set up for success. To learn more, call (915) 760-4533 today.

Commercial Real Estate Services

We help you determine which parts of El Paso work best for you and your services. Choosing the right business location is similar to choosing the right neighborhood you want your family to live in. You want somewhere comfortable and tuned to the type of business you’re drawing. We have a wide selection of commercial properties for lease in El Paso that can make your operations run smoother and more efficiently. No matter what type of industry you work in or own, our locations have enough variety for anyone to find the perfect spot.

What The Spaces We Offer Can Be Used For

When looking for El Paso commercial properties for lease, we help you consider some of the many uses that you can use your property for, including:



Commercial Mixed - Use

Types of Commercial Properties

There are various types of commercial properties for lease, and finding the right one comes down to the kind of traffic you want to bring into your business. Are you looking for offices where staff will come to work on a daily basis? Or, will you have frequent trafficking coming through your business? These aspects are essential when looking for a suitable facility.

You’ll want to consider if you’re going to find a commercial property to rent, lease, or own. All three have many advantages depending on the approach you want for your company. 


Commercial properties for lease are perfect for temporary locations as your company grows. It can help with managing financial balances, lower monthly occupancy costs, and greater flexibility.

You’ll want to consider if you’re going to find a commercial property to rent, lease, or own. All three have many advantages depending on the approach you want for your company. 


Commercial properties for rent are ideal for those looking for something a little more long-term or those who plan on growing over time. It can feel a bit more permanent as you feel out a new side of town for your business. 


We often have whole commercial properties for sale. This is an excellent opportunity to find a permanent location for your company and have a place you can call home.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Property Management Team

When it comes to choosing ideal commercial properties for lease, there is a lot to take into consideration. The team at Hiett & Associates will help you choose the perfect location for your storefront or offices. Whether you’re looking for commercial properties for rent or for lease, we can help. Our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure you’re in good hands with us as your property manager and property broker.

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